Art Basel 2016 – Through our eyes

I have to say attending ART BASEL this year exuded the same feeling as if I was walking into a candy store. It’s amazing to see how artists view the world. Their minds think in such a way that the naked eye would need intensive training to understand what the art actually means, of course if it can be deciphered. We had the privilege to attend the day presentation of ART BASEL and it is our pleasure to bring you some of the best captured art through our lens:

Silver Lagoon 2015 by GAVLAK
Pablo Picasso – Homme Assis 1973
Foundation Beyeler
La Patrona - by David Alfaro Siqueiros 1897-1974
La Patrona – by David Alfaro Siqueiros 1897-1974


Art is definitely a business as they were people from around the world visiting not only to be amazed but also to collect the best of the best. ART BASEL has always been one of the biggest art shows around the world, and we always look forward to it right here in South Florida. Here are some honorable mentions:


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