Carlacia Grant makes her debut on ROOTS



If you’ve missed it last night well you can praise God that Xfinity on Demand exists. Our dear Haitian Jamaican Carlacia Grant makes her way to the top by being featured on the critically acclaimed limited edition series ROOTS. More than 5.3 million viewers on its first night and the numbers keep climbing,  where she has worked along side stars like Tip “T.I.” Harris, Lawrence Fishburn and Anna Paquin.

On the same night she also guest starred on Game of Silence and will soon be featured on Oprah network’s new series Green Leaf. We are proud to say that we were there when she flirted with the idea of becoming an actress and now are so honored to have shared such a beautiful experience with her.

We had an amazing time as well shooting her for the cover of our next issue. You will get to know so much about her from where she came to where she is now.

Photographed by Sean Simpson and Makeup by Rebecca Saint Pierre






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