The Art of Banksy: “Without Limits” – A long awaited exhibit

Hearing Banksy’s story the only question that comes to mind is “OMG who does that?” The man is a legend! Period. Banksy’s identity has yet to be revealed yet he is famous beyond recognition. His work has sparked intrigue and awe all over the world.

On Friday January 14th, Miami welcomed the Art of Banksy, an exhibit depicting the wonderful work Banksy has been doing over the years. One of his pieces really stood out and made an impact. He is an activist and humanitarian so it’s safe to say that his art would reflect his care for humanity.

He bought a yacht just to be able to turn it into a lifeboat. Helping refugees lost at sea, knowing that the distress calls are often ignored by US authorities. His yacht served as a rescue boat for those abandoned at sea. 


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So many pieces of his art, though satirical, incite deep thought and may even encourage some activism on the beholder. 


The exhibition The Art of Banksy: “Without Limits” presented by SEE Global Entertainment and events includes over 155 artworks including certified originals, prints, photos, sculptures, digital installations, murals, and more created by the internationally renowned and anonymous Banksy, who is regarded as one of the most valuable and talked about artists of our time. Some of Banksy’s works are carefully reproduced with his stencil technique especially for the exhibition, while a video documentary gives visitors insights into his life and work, all presented in a unique setting tailored to Ice Palace Studios. The show promises – and delivers – a genuinely impressive experience and is a “must see” to celebrate or learn about Banksy’s art, which consistently serves as a conversation starter. With over 1.2 million visitors abroad, Miami marks the second city in the exhibition’s North American tour. For tickets or more information, visit #ArtOfBanksy 


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