ISSUE #31 – The dare to be different issue

A great way to know that you are doing a great job is when other people are appreciative of your work without you having to shout it out. This issue will always be special in my eyes, because of the way it happened. Our featured cover came to realization mainly by a simple proposal from the subject. We were elated by the fact that our magazine was being appreciated in the West Coast, therefore let’s make an impact with this issue and reach beyond this horizon.

We always admire people who are willing to go to great lengths when pursuing their dreams, therefore this issue is highlighting Na’eem Walton. His story will impact you as he is the pure definition of perseverance.

We also had the privilege of featuring Fashion from the Arab community. Ziana Kaoutar Chaoui is the owner of “Arab World Designer” and more than 20 years in the business was able to feature designers from the Arab community to showcase their designs during Fashion week.

A creative story that will melt your heart is the story of Frank Diaz and Deb Young, two artists living miles and miles apart who are able to work together and create masterpieces.

We are now on issue #31 and really the fact that I’ve been asked if the magazine still exists by friends who haven’t been keeping up with the magazine since it’s inception, tells me that not a lot of people survive in this industry. That’s why I will forever be grateful for the team that I have and feel blessed that they are talented as they are loyal.

To my writers and contributors of this issue I salute you. Here’s to the 31st issue. Enjoy!


we take pride in showcasing raw talent found right here in our community, while focusing on the arts we also open doors for small business owners by facilitating the reach of their audience by means of our competitive advertising outlets.

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