Issue #54 – The Spring Issue

Sometimes we forget that time is just construct. I had to look up the definition of such a popular saying and it states “Time as a construct. The strange reality is that we construct time internally, by taking sequential experiences and noticing that they are different. We thus, literally, create time internally, making it a unique experience for each of us.” This is truly a moment of epiphany when you realize that you don’t need to live under pressure achieving your dreams, everything comes into fruition in due time. God’s timing is not your timing. This issue is probably the best one yet, it is so jammed packed of goodies that we had to expand it to 112 pages. We have featured artists from different continents and we couldn’t be more proud. From Morocco to Rwanda, from Paris to New York, the world is our oyster!!! (I always wanted to say that LOL) The world of art has so much to offer.

A well-traveled individual can only look at the world differently and accept that our differences bring us together. Imagine schools in Rwanda getting digital screens for the first time while it already was the standard in the US. Discovering that Kampala Fashion Week is as luxurious as any fashion week around the world shining the light on talented designers. Meanwhile Paris is celebrating many events that will be written in history. This particular issue is being released in New York, a city that I’ve always cherished for it has so much to offer. Collaborating with Zanmi SOHO, we will be putting another check mark on our list. We would like to take this moment to thank celebrity photographer Marc Baptiste, who shot the cover of this issue, and we can’t wait to see more of him.

Our team is growing, additionally to our writers we would like to acknowledge Victoria Lee as our editing manager in the US, Tony Para and Sonia Sadi in Paris. Our contributors are our lifeline we wouldn’t be here without them so here is to the 54th issue! Enjoy!