Issue #45 – The Summer Issue

Sometimes when I close my eyes, I imagine myself on an island somewhere enjoying the sun and beach far away from reality, far away from Miami (ironic isn’t it, the perfect scenario of I live where you vacation). These past few weeks being a witness at the Miami Swim Week Events made me realize that no matter how beautiful a show can be. There is a lot of work and money put behind it. In the pursuit of our dreams, we sacrifice so much just to see a glimmer of success. However, that journey is full of rocks, obstacles, mountains, and valleys before achieving it so the only thought that comes to mind is stay the course and get to the finish line. This issue is jammed packed of what transpired during fashion week. Moreover, we have the privilege of interviewing Miss Broward County herself Cairo Eubanks, a young and vibrant young lady already at a young age has accomplished so much. We also featured wonderful visual artists such as Esther-Anastasiia Franchuk and Joshua Haupt. We were one of the selected sponsors at the launch of Love Of Urban Design and couldn’t be any more proud of the beautiful talented designers and artists that we’ve had the privilege of discovering. We made it to number 45 and we are always grateful for our contributors and writers who never fail to give their time and talent to Creativ. So with pride and joy we hope you enjoy this issue.