Our Ancestors Wildest Dreams

Wakanda Forever


If you have not been introduced to the world of Wakanda, your black card should be revoked indefinitely. I’m not the one to serve spoiler alerts but honestly, if you haven’t seen it by tonight, you’re a lost cause.  Not attacking anyone just speaking facts; therefore, you have been warned before you dive into this post.

So, let’s talk Black Panther, shall we!

It was a glorious sight to see straight on screen melanin magic (Hey Remy!) that was produced by Marvel Studios. When I tell you the screen in the theater spewed nothing but coconut oil and shea butter with hints of pure cocoa seeds! My goodness. I treated myself this weekend by watching the anticipated movie not once but twice. First time ever, a movie has moved me to spend my coins to enjoy a second time. The director, Ryan Coogler, did a phenomenal job of portraying our wildest fairy tale location, Wakanda. The experience to enjoy a city that was so technologically advanced was jaw-dropping. Moreover, created and powered by African people, priceless!

The movie was flat out cool and mesmerizing. Coogler directed that movie flawlessly and each cast member represented the popular comic series with gusto. As you can see, I enjoyed the feature film and would see it a third time once it’s released on DVD, I will have to own this movie for home consumption, it’s a must!

Not only was the directing great but the cast did a phenomenal job showing us the life and culture that was Wakanda. The technology, the relationships, and the attire added to this amazing experience of seeing our heros live in action.

Nonetheless, we can’t deny that the movie had a deeper meaning then just to entertain. The most important message was understanding the value in protecting one’s country and traditions. The characters in Black Panther lived for the advancement and protection of their home, which compared to real life, portrays the opposite result. As you can see even warriors like Okoye, would not let love impede her from protecting her home . I speak on the unification of the descendants of the African Diaspora constantly, the movie Black Panther exemplified a goal we all should strive for.

Extending a helping hand.

Never forgetting providing service to those in need, though Wakanda was hidden from the rest of the world, they were not oblivious to the fact that other black nations needed their help. However, this movie had me sympathizing with the villain Erik Killmonger, too many of us living in the West, can relate to his life as a result of  the consequences of the slave trade. As much as I loved and adored the king of Wakanda, T’Challa,  Erik Killmonger was the one who I seemed to gravitate to the most. Yes, I’m shocked myself, but his message really hit home with me when speaking about leaving his people behind. The movie subtly pointed out the political situation of this era, which is a direct consequence of the colonization of the western world by the white race.

Despite the fact that I could relate with the character,  I didn’t agree with his actions at all, he was more focused on getting revenge and gaining power through violence, which we all know doesn’t solve a thing. However, when playing devil’s advocate can you blame him? Look at all he endured and accomplished despite being fueled by hate, a stigma we witness in our communities daily. His hurting heart could only make space for wanting to gain back control, gain back what he’s lost, the life that could have been his if he had grown in Wakanda, the regret of growing up fatherless, a too familiar feeling for black kids in the United States, and the consequences of the life that black descendants have to endure due to the colonizing period of their ancestors. In all, Killmonger was the product of his environment. Seeking revenge for the loss of his father at the hand of his uncle, with no remorse and understanding. When he made the statement “I want the throne. You are all sitting up here comfortably. Must feel good. There are about two billion people around the world who look like us and their lives are a lot harder. Wakanda has the tools to liberate them all…” I felt it on a spiritual level because he was stating nothing but the truth. Parallel to our reality, Africa does not know of the struggles of the people that were captured into slavery and their descendants that had to live a different life than theirs, therefore the oppressed tend to resent those who didn’t have to go through what they went through. In this situation blaming Wakanda for not landing a helping hand to the rest of their people around the world when they know good and well they have the resources to do so.

The Ancestors will Approve

The idea of Wakanda is a fantasy that all of us would love to see come to reality. Played by a black cast and directed by a black man all while backed by a major production company is a mark in history that the black earthly population will never forget.  I loved how we showed up and showed out at these theaters to let the world know that we are here! We exist! and we are here to stay!  Seeing my people enjoy the excitement of the movie and cosplay while attending was indeed exciting. This film was an example of how important Pan African-ism is to all generations of the diaspora. It’s important that we continue to learn from each other and teach each other, so we can keep the culture thriving. Our ancestors have witnessed many heroes in their time however aside from having a black president, seeing Black Panther on a positive platform worldwide is a dream they sacrificed and fought for. We will prevail, we will overcome! WAKANDA FOREVER!!!

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