Bae Night: The Little Black Book Movie Premiere

Sandra Justice, Luner Eugene, Delpha Samuels

Bae Night Producers/Directors

Starting from the right: Director Luner Eugene, Producer: Tonais Exantys dressed in Ruth Louissaint Designs and Producer: Sandra Justice dressed in Hermione Elma Dresses, and Owner of Alpha Connector: Mike Owen
Photography: MyMATV


Trailer of Bae Night: The Little Black Book

Synopsis of movie:

The intertwining marriage between a husband and a wife with deep seeded secrets makes their flourishing appearance on the outside, take a turn for the worse. Tony, a savvy businessman played by Genji Jacques and Alexus a well renown stylist and influencer played by Sandra Justice, begin to show the crumbling of their so-called paradise of a marriage.

A discovery of secrets starts to surface from their pasts as temptations emerge. Who will resist and who will cave into their desires. Amongst all the diabolical enchantments, permeate shocks, twists, and turns making your mouth drop. While some are digging themselves deeper into a bed of secrets, others are forced to confront their issues head on. With best friends, business acquaintances, a rogue enemy and a mother. All contributing a vital role in the inter linked and connected master web of Tony and Alexus.

How will all this play out, as the last two scenes reveal more than your heart can handle? Well, we were all left on the edges of our seats (like you will be) as the screen displayed: To Be Continued…

Actors: Jaiden Kaine (left) and Genji Jacques (right)

In summary Bae Night: The Little Black Book is a must-see movie. It’s storytelling at its finest providing all the emotions needed to connect with certain characters. At the premiere, the theater was packed with support and an ambiance of vibes that was undeniable. The movie was dynamic with intensity, plot twists and pure shocking moments that keep you on your seat wanting more.  Not only was it emotional, the movie touched on important and deep topics. Resulting in the need or shedding more light , and enticing discussion and awareness around them. We can’t say much more without giving it away.

In case fans of the cast may be wondering what’s next for them?

NeoBo|CREATIV was first to know. Director Luner Eugene, Producer Tonais Exantys and Producer Sandra Justice have Queen’s King coming out June 24th and are working on part 2 of Bae Night. Neicey Johnson the writer, has a true passion for creating documentaries, right now specifically the crisis of homelessness among women has gone rampant. Actor Eric Claussen will be starring in a movie called “Bermuda Triangle” that will air on Halloween either on Hulu or Netflix. Actress Njie Sabik will be the lead in two movies, one called “A taste of betrayal” coming out in May and the other called “It’s lonely at the top.” Actor Genji Jacques is focused on producing/writing his own pieces of work centered around love. Actress Sharon Pfeiffer is writing her own movie “Brooklyn to Boca” and does Standup Comedy. Lastly, actress Delpha C. Samuels is focusing on her pageantry business and many things to do with beauty.

Sandra Justice, Luner Eugene, Delpha Samuels

Starting left to right: Sandra Justice, Luner Eugene and actress Delpha C. Samuels dressed in JB Couture by Judith Barnes

Here at NeoBo|CREATIV Magazine we love to support emerging artists and stars that have a talent and passion to pursue their greatness. This movie had many gems in it that deserve keeping an eye on. Keep your ears and eyes open for the many things coming from these artists.