Cover Release 54th Issue: Our Trip to NYC the Editors version

New York it’s not a city for the faint of heart I’ll tell you that. It was the 54th issue cover release and NEOBO|CREATIV wanted to go BIG with the revealing of the cover featuring the work of celebrity photographer Marc Baptiste. CREATIV has been around for seven years and the editor in chief Corhinn Brunot felt NYC was the next step for the magazine’s presence. Throughout this post you’ll get a glimpse in a day of an editor in chief at a magazine. Let’s be real, it’s not easy and there is a lot of work involved running and operating a publication. However, NEOBO|CREATIV is chucking this one up as a success with many experiences to be cherished.

Photo Credit: CREATIV Magazine

If you haven’t been to NYC it’s of course a must-see city, but get ready for the fast paced and over crowded streets while navigating small places. It is a city that provides unique and unforgettable experiences for everyone, with each borough exuding distinctive vibes and culture to digest. Upon arriving, our first day was spent getting ready for the cover reveal party. We had the privilege of being driven by Jose, a friendly New Yorker from the Dominican Republic, who loved showing us around and explaining where to find the best touristic sites. Despite the rain we ventured to Fedex to retrieve the foam board of the cover, then hurried along to the print shop Bestype for the copies of the magazines for the party.

CREATIV MODERN BOHEMIAN MAG on Instagram: “This is it we made it to NY #54 being released tonight 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 #Creativmag #creativtravels #neobocreativ #newyork #latestissue”

After a full day of fulfilled errands, it was now time to go back to the hotel and get ready and shortly after we were off to SoHo’s Haitian restaurant Zanmi which means friends in Creole.


At the restaurant we were welcomed by a group of warm people already enjoying some food. Corhinn even had the chance to meet one of her favorite TikTok Influencer Steven Baboun. We set up our space, mingled, ate (I tried my first Haitian patty!), and entertained interesting conversations as people continued rolling in. There was a great mixture of artists, creatives and business individuals networking with one another.

After most of the evening mingling it was time to enjoy a musical performance by singer and songwriter Bacheler; who also had a feature in the magazine. Then after the performance came NEOBO|CREATIV’S presentation. Corhinn spoke on the storyline and meaning of this edition “Cars and Fashion” shot by photographer Marc Baptiste. In addition to honoring all the efforts of her team on bringing everything all together. To say the least it was a successful evening of celebration and networking.

Zanmi Restaurant | Photo Credit: CREATIV Magazine

54th Issue Cover

Photographer: Gerald Photos

The artist: Bacheler

Photographer: Gerald Photos | Musician: Bacheler 

54th Issue CREATIV Mag

From left to right: Yves Aubry, Corhinn Brunot, Marc Baptiste, Victoria Lee and Jimmy Moise | Photographer: Gerald Photos

Middle: TikTok Influencer Steven Baboun | Photographer: Gerald Photos

During the event Yves Aubrey, we will call him our connector, asked us “ladies what are you doing tomorrow?” At the time, we didn’t have anything planned, so we said “nothing!” The next two days, Aubrey became our local tour guide of what was happening in the city, perfect for some editors right?!


He took us to another restaurant called 33LaFayette in Brooklyn (yes, it’s Haitian). That night the restaurant was coincidently hosting a karaoke night for the women of the Haitian Lawyers Association of New York. Another great opportunity for networking was there for the taking which we surely did. I wish we had snapped some pictures of the fun, but we didn’t. Why? Because when you’re having fun all you need is a mental picture of your experience!.

I can tell you though, I tried a liquored delicacy called Kremas for the first time; delicious! Which for those of you who don’t know what this is it’s like a Haitian eggnog (not the taste exactly but the consistency). For the food, I tried Haitian Mac n Cheese and yes it’s different from American style. Haitians add peppers and other deliciousness into theirs.

Another fun thing that happened that evening was learning some Creole words, Yves was the teacher. I learned Sak Pase which means what’s up, the response is N’ap Boule which means I’m burning (which is a good thing I know it doesn’t sound it). Map Vinni and Wap vinni and just Vinni by itself, but my favorite was Bon Bagay which means good stuff. I eventually got all the words taught to me down, while giving Corhinn a good laugh; mission accomplished!

While networking I began to notice in NYC the love for magazines is still alive. Even in our digital world today, people still have admiration and appreciation for a magazine publication. With NYC being such an artistic city, there was a joy in seeing a person’s face light up when we told them we were with CREATIV Magazine. It gives you that extra umph to keep going during the hard days.


Our last day of our adventure in the city that doesn’t sleep, took us on a trip to Harlem. First off, I just have to say that people need to understand the community of this borough is unmatched. The support and encouragement you feel in Harlem shocked me , and coming from Miami it shocked my central nervous system even more. As many may know, Miami is not known for its community but that is a story for another time. Our first stop in Harlem was at an art gallery called Kente Loyal Gallery which ironically was having a grand closing that evening of the current art exhibit “Resilience” honoring women’s history catered by a energetic group of artists in attendance representing their artwork.

Kente Royal Gallery

Kente Royal Gallery | Photo Credit: CREATIV Magazine

Resilience Exhibit Artists

Majority of the artists of “Resilience” from above | Photo Credit: CREATIV Magazine

The artists were genuinely happy as they exhibited nothing but pride for showcasing their work. They showed pure excitement when answering any questions regarding the stories or meaning of their art. Corhinn and I tend to be opposites in many ways, this includes our taste in art (laughs). However, it gives us a chance to discover different perspectives being interpreted on what may catch someone’s eye. Which goes to show how different everyone can be.

I was personally drawn to bright pops of color while Corhinn loved portrait art and dark abstract art. However, needless to say we both agreed we love abstract art. Now, I can’t leave out the fashion of this amazing borough, it was by far one of my favorites. Women dressed in classy chic business attire (outside of this picture) while the men wore casual chic streetwear depicting “old school meets new school” perhaps a reflection New Edition of today.

Managing Editor’s Pick | Artwork by Uniqua Simmons (Robin) | Photo Credit: CREATIV Magazine

Editor in Chief's Pick

Editor in Chief’s Pick | Artwork by Carrie Torres | Photo Credit: CREATIV Magazine

No time to rest, we were off to the next thing on the agenda. Aubrey took us to a West African restaurant “Ponty Bistro” for a delicious meal. The ambience was relaxed with great service and delectable food. I ended up ordering the stuffed flounder alla papilotte, that was so delicious I cleaned the plate. Corhinn had the poisson braiser a la guet ndar, we won’t go into full details of how much heaven she was in, but she went Caribbean style on that fish. We would definitely recommend anyone visiting or living in Harlem to this restaurant. We would even come back when visiting.


Next up and last spot for the day, was a chic bar in East Harlem called “The Good Good”. It was a hidden gem, literally you never would have guessed it was there. From the outside passing by it was a regular apartment or condo complex, so much so, you can’t even hear the blasting music from the inside (soundproof bar). Walking through the doors there were thick heavy curtains hiding the mystery of what waited inside.

Walking through the curtains, the bar, though small was majestic; it was beautifully lit up. As we approached the bar a group of Aubrey’s friends approached and introduced themselves with handshakes. The environment felt like a time machine with mounted frames of old pictures or newspaper clippings of celebrities in the entertainment industry. We ordered a couple drinks and headed back to our hotel. We were worn out from the impact made on us by the beautiful city!

The Good Good Bar | Photo Credit: CREATIV Magazine

Corhinn Brunot and Victoria Lee | The Good Good Bar | Photo Credit: CREATIV Magazine

Overall, to experience NYC just like the locals is highly suggested. Most of the touristy things will always be there. However, getting the true vibe of the city is something hard to come by, especially with busy New Yorkers. NEOBO|CREATIV highly recommends all these places as they brought their own uniqueness and experiences.  I learned the most important thing is to submerge yourself in an environment and its culture. You will learn many things that a book could never teach you. We encourage you to get involved and truly experience the present moment. I can say for myself at least, I can’t wait to go back to New York City!