ISSUE #43 – The Art Appreciation Issue

There is a phrase that keeps repeating itself in my mind, “It always gets dark before the dawn.” Though I may have heard these words from a movie, I have to say these past few months put life into perspective. COVID certainly had a big role into my mental health. Though I am a natural introvert and being alone doesn’t bother me much, not being able to enjoy my favorite activities certainly put a damper on my mood. Believe it or not just a few weeks ago I was attending a virtual fashion show. It certainly was not the same experience, the rush of seeing the garments in person, that vivacity and energy that emanates from the attendees and even the stage performances that would bring a crowd on their feet. I miss it. I miss all of it. With the vaccine now being administered nationwide, you would think that I would be excited to get right back on the saddle. However, there will always be this little voice screaming be careful, stay safe, is that our new normal? That’s one question that I will keep asking until I find my answer. Though we may seem to wallow into our circumstances, there is always an inspiring story that would change our minds for the better. The story of CJ Colas, a warrior and cancer survivor, is one for the books and if you can relate know that you are not alone. We’ve also had the privilege of featuring a talented photographer, Seth London, who sees the beauty in the primary form of life. Furthermore, our writers never disappoint, with not only highlighting amazing artists such as Chris Brandell, but also with advice from our columnists that will stimulate our brain cells. Despite it all, I have to remain humble and still be thankful for those who remain faithful to this magazine. For those who tirelessly continue to contribute to this labor of love we thank you and hope you enjoy the 43rd issue!