Issue #52 – The Paris Issue

This was my dream, an item to check off my bucket list to visit Europe! Had you told me 7 years ago that I would create a business that would be the key to living this dream I would have said you were crazy. I’m in tears. Overjoyed even. This Little girl from is on her way to visiting the world! My father would have been proud, God rest his soul. Through this labor of love I have had the privilege to meet talented individuals creating the path to their dreams and it is always an honor for me to shine the light on those, who despite the odds, endure to the end. It is an honor for me to feature Macdieunette Brutus, a young entrepreneur whom passion for fashion has brought her to create her own Eyewear line. What people don’t know is that “Djuna” as we affectionately call her, started by interning for the magazine during the year of 2020. I saw her journey from finishing her studies to now owning her business. Though the goal for her was to learn from me, I’ve, in turn, learned something amazing from her. Despite all odds, she fights for her happiness, she keeps this spirit of optimism that I find so admirable. Life has not been so kind to her however she continues to show me her strength. She deserves all the success and accolades that will come her way. Moreover, we have a plethora of Who’s Who from France that are worthy of your read. Speaking of Paris, as a former organizer of Le Diner En Blanc- West Palm Beach, it is a joy to feature the return of such prestigious event in my home country. Written by our new correspondent Alendy Almonor from Cap- Haitien. I am delighted to still have our writers Laura, Toni and Maya bring you their wonderful work. The blend of subjects from the United States and Paris makes this issue a very unique one. I am proud to present to you the 52nd issue of CREATIVMAG. The future looks promising. Carpe Diem!