The Power of being Mindful with Naeve: Docuseries

The Power of being Mindful with Naeve
The Power of being Mindful with Naeve

Written by: Victoria Lee

The Power of being mindful with Naeve a docuseries that has more meaning behind it than one may take from the title. Naeve (pronounced naïve) Duarte comes from an afro Hispanic family and has had to deal with many hardships at a young age. From not being raised by her father, to being molested as a child to being in a car wreck where she almost lost her life. Naeve had to adapt her mindset quickly. Did she want to fall victim submerging herself down a dark path, or push and fight not to be a stereotype? With her choosing the latter we will dive into the event.

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The docuseries premiered at Saint Thomas University that NeoBo|CREATIV Magazine was invited to. Placed us into the mind of Naeve. The first episode of the series was presented, and it immediately had you questioning. Showing flashes of how the mind works, how to calm the mind and breath. Providing statistics of our population over time, to the police brutality happening which has been around for decades (giving honor to Tyre Nichols at the end – may he R.I.P).

Though her message included various things, they tied together to present her point. Colorism, racism, and violence have plagued our Earth for years that is a never-ending cycle and one main reason being why? Why is this a constant struggle especially in the minority communities? An answer Naeve presents is: We don’t heal! We continue the vicious cycle. All the pain and suffering are passed down from generation to generation without ever being resolved. The pain of not fully knowing where our roots come from. Being a college athlete herself and where most of the players happen to be minorities, she is starting to see an alarming number of suicides.

Something inside signifies she is meant to do something; she needs to say something before it’s too late. Change needs to happen before it get’s worse with no return.

Following the premiere Naeve provided a panel of different individuals giving expert opinions on the issue at large. The discussions provided a perspective from a retired sheriff and a counselor who helps athletes deal with mental health.

Though all members of the panel had valuable things to say. There was one in particular who stood out to the editor in chief and I at the magazine. His name was Brandon Vega and a native to Miami specifically Carroll City or the now Miami Gardens. He spoke on the struggles of what it was like growing up in the type of environment he did. Where murders were at a high rate and most people in his hood weren’t making it out alive. Where turning to drugs or dealing drugs was the norm. Seeing this every day led to a dark path of questioning whether his live was important or if there was a purpose. Naeve had a similar situation having experienced growing up around gangs and violence.

Importantly, the common theme they both presented was the suppressing environment given to many minorities or people of color. With acknowledgement that those situations made their mindsets impactful to help change the world. The environments can pressure you to become the stereotype and fall into the failing system that was not built for minorities.

Especially here at NeoBoCreativ Mag it’s such a joy to uplift and see the younger generation fighting for change. To be speaking up for issues that need resolving and not just a band-aid. To have those difficult conversations that may open wounds but are needed. We encourage you to follow and check out Naeve Duarte’s journey as she addresses the issues that are needed to rebuild a healthy system for us all.

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