Angeler’s Hotel celebrating The Oribin Series

Dr Sheg Aranmolate
Dr Sheg Aranmolate
Sheg Aranmolate M.D. with his artwork at Kimpton Angeler’s Hotel (photography by: MyMATV)

Dr. Sheg Aranmolate’s deep love of history and strong sense of his roots have kick started a passion of reinventing heirlooms from Africa. He originates from Nigeria, specifically the Yoruba Kingdom. With “Oribin” meaning “Woman” in the Yoruban language. The Oribin Series is aiming to showcase artifacts, he recreated with a modern twist. Giving people a glimpse of what those artistic relics would look like in today’s society.

The Oribin SeriesMany are intrigued as to why Aranmolate is pursuing this or the purpose behind it? He expresses “many Kingdoms in Africa created many prized artifacts that aren’t being displayed, or were destroyed, or taken due to a cultural war with the Europeans.” His solution and brilliant idea are: why don’t we just recreate them. Plus, the mainstream only shows the tribal art, but we have such diverse African artwork that needs to be shown.”


Furthermore, Dr. Sheg took action and set off scouting through multiple museums around the world, in search of the archived images. The terracotta sculptures he digitally recreated for The Oribin Series derived from the 12th century Ife kingdom. He quickly began putting his vision of a modern twist to them.


Here is an interview done by Victoria Lee with CREATIV MAGAZINE to learn more:


The Kimpton Angeler’s Hotel in South Beach Miami, FL created a program wanting submissions from local artists. In honor of black history month and women’s history month. The program would display the artwork throughout the hotel lobby for guests to admire on the way to their room. Aranmolate applied and out of many candidates, his artwork was selected. The six-piece art installation interchanges between a woman and a man (this being a different series).

Sheg Aranmolate Sheg Aranmolate and guests

During the launch a couple of the guests celebrating Dr. Sheg’s achievement provided us with some of their thoughts. Mike Rynart from the Miami Guide said, I love the three-dimensional aspect of the artwork and how the hotel placed it, guiding you through the lobby.” Another guest Tayo Ishola said, many know of the looting that happened with a lot of the artwork in Africa . For someone today in 2023 to be able to recreate that. It tells and shows us how indispensable the imagination is. You can think you steal an idea from a person, but you really can’t if it exists in the mind of that person.

Guest Tayo Ishola Tayo Ishola interviewing on The Oribin Series

If you’re a fan of the artwork that is shown, you may be wondering what’s next for this polymath? He is still currently working on the recreation of African artifacts. However, he has moved over to the Benin Kingdom, where their relics known as the Benin Bronzes are brass tablets showcasing carvings and artistry. He is only about ten tablets in, out of the hundreds that were created, but he is chipping away one by one to complete his series.


We at NEOBO|CREATIV find it important to learn, know and understand other cultures. Along with their perspectives. Especially black history where so much has been lost or like Dr. Sheg Aranmolate said “stolen or destroyed!” It is so refreshing to see someone taking a chance in executing a vision they felt needed to be fulfilled. Initially when seeing the art, you may think or feel these are digital photographs. These pieces of art are paintings (you’ve been told). It was beautiful witnessing at the installation many hotel guests approaching him with a curious mind. We wish Dr. Sheg Aranmolate the best of luck with his amazing artwork venture. Along with his smart solution to a problem and can’t wait to see and hear more on the Benin Bronzes.