Controlling Your Crazy While Dating Your Non-Existent Boyfriend, discusses these everyday truths that women face. Although I’m here to be as authentic as possible in my writing, my book and blog aren’t about my life. Instead, I’ve written a book and created a blog so single women who have had enough of flying-off-the-wall behaviors and behaving irrationally in situations over a Non-Existent Boyfriend, can come and get the tools they need to control their thoughts and actions over a guy that’s not their man.

Here’s what I want you to take away from all of this: Having complete control of your mind will allow you to “control your crazy” when your Non-Existent Boyfriend acts up… (because truthfully, he will act up).

The words of Toni Douglas, columnist at CREATIV Magazine has now launched her show CONTROLLING YOUR CRAZY on Youtube and IGTV. This is Episode 1 and she sits with her guest Tavares H, while she picks his brain in getting to know what goes on into a man’s mind. New episode to be released every Sunday at 7pm on social media. follow us @creativmag on IG.