Diner En Blanc Fashion for days

The anticipation towards this wonderful event was real. We were privileged to be invited to cover this year’s Diner En Blanc in the beautiful city of West Palm Beach on November 4th, 2016. To recap on the history of event it originated about three decades ago in France, Paris by Francois Pasquier who simply wanted to reconnect with his friends after spending years away from home. Because of the amount of people he wanted to receive could not fit in his home, he decided to meet in a neutral place. In 2013 this event gathered about 15,000 people where the goal was and has always been, bring food and bring a friend.

theteam1Today this event is celebrated in more than 70 cities around the world. Diners are left in the dark about the picnic location until the last minute. The place is kept so secret that the media only receives a text just one hour before they need to get there. As we arrived we were greeted by the hosts Nora David, Corhinn Brunot and Jimmy Moise who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring a spectacular event to life. However we wanted to focus on the fashion. White is the color, no exceptions. The ladies and gentlemen in attendance really brought ELEGANCE to the scene. The following are highlights of what we thought were the best dressed of the evening. More to come in our 17th issue coming out in print on November 29, 2016.














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