The second annual Hawai‘i Swim Show is right around the corner! Taking place at none other than the beautiful Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa from Friday, September 1 to Sunday, September 3 for a weekend full of the best in swim and resort wear. 


Hawai‘i Swim Show brings in a global audience to their iconic event, as they feature 10 of Hawai‘i’s top local designers and swimwear brands on Friday evening and 10 nationally known designers, each with their own individual showcase times on Saturday and Sunday.

This year will surely surpass last year’s incredible event, and we look forward to seeing not only what the brands are bringing to the table, but also what natural and diverse models they casted. Last year, Hawai‘i blew us away with their event, breaking barriers in the fashion and swimwear industry and setting the bar for a swimwear showcase. 

One key factor that stood out to many viewers and attendees was their evidently versatile and inclusive cast of models, each representing many different body types, age groups and even ethnic backgrounds. These natural bodies took the world by storm as they made a big statement in the world of fashion and swimwear.  An integral part of their process is an open call casting that brings in over thousands of applicants, and through an incredibly selective process, Hawai’I Swim Show selects a cast of 60 models this year that are not only unique and diverse but also represent Hawai‘i Swim Show’s brand in their character as well.

Hawai‘i Swim Show is so much more than just a fashion show. It is a community of like minded designers, models, entrepreneurs and creatives. It has become the ultimate event in all of Hawai‘i. Founded by two young Hawai‘i natives, this event shows incredible passion behind their mission. The “aloha” is clearly evident in this event, and it brings such a beautiful family feel. 

Although, only in its second year, Hawai‘i Swim Show has stolen the show in the industry of swimwear, and we are looking forward to seeing how they evolve and what they will do this year. The spotlight is surely on Hawai‘i this September. 


Hawaii Swim Show will not be livestreamed to the public, but will be live streaming their event privately to invited vip press and media who may not be able to be in physical attendance this year. We suggest you get your tickets now to experience this one of a kind event. 

For more information on how to secure tickets and brand show times please visit HISWIMSHOW.COM. or see their instagram at @hawaiiswimshow