The Wonder Woman Initiative brings the heat to Miami Swim Week 2023

Founder of I AM EIDO & WWI Tayo Ishola

Written by: Victoria T. Lee managing editor with Neo|Bo CREATIV Magazine

The founder and owner of the Wonder Women Initiative (WWI) Tayo Ishola-Aranmolate is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to promoting women empowerment and amplifying voices. Coming from Lagos, Nigeria she always knew she was an outlier destined for a purpose. The Wonder Women Initiative was born when a realization of change was needed in fashion, changing the core narrative With Tayo being a big believer that fashion brings people from all walks of life to celebrate together, fit perfectly for the Wonder Women Initiative. Achieving her sixth year of event production, with no plan of stopping.

Founder of I AM EIDO & WWI Tayo Ishola – Aranmolate

What is the Wonder Woman Initiative?

In a fast-moving world where the noise never stops, this initiative sets out showcase and edify women who are striving to progress forward. Whether those women are innovators, designers, athletes, entertainers, or politicians amplifying to create change in their respective industry Tayo is determined to provide a perspective of what lies behind their journey. Though Tayo utilizes fashion and shows as her preferred platform, it is important to remember that is not the focus. The events take place semi-annually during Swim Week and Art Basel in Miami as they set out to award and honor four to five women entrepreneurs.

WWI Host: Christine Handy |


What to expect and what happened during WWI?

An aligned perspective filled with entertainment about women taking on their daring ventures as entrepreneurs.

You may wonder why these people matter? Because the economic climate is not built for women. Understanding the power of collaboration, a tool used as leverage to grow with others instead of figuring things out on your own. Though you may have never heard of these women, by honoring them, the WWI brings awareness to their work being done in the community.

This year’s event was a blast and certainly unique during Swim Week. The evening started with an afro Caribbean buffet, then onto the fashion shows while in between awarding the deserving honorees.

Talented designers graced the runway with their new collection during this memorable night.

Macrame design sensation MoLuxe Resort wear, the innovative sporty swimwear from Coconut Bikini, the flirty swimwear pieces with swim brand Voglia, and solid but bold colored swimwear by Dieo Resort Wear.

Lastly, I Am Eido gave the audience everything you could think of that you’d need for a swimming adventure. From life vests to versatile beach hats, swimwear & shoes, and topping it all off with a surfboard on the runway. Needless to say, the creativity was pleasantly different, and something most won’t see in Miami during swim week. Not to mention that four out of the five designers were women of color.

WWI Runway Moment I AM EIDO Collection
WWI Runway moment I AM EIDO Collection
WWI Runway Moment | Dieo Resort Collection

WWI Runway Moment | Dieo Resort Collection

WWI runway show | Coconut Bikini Collection
WWI Runway Show | Coconut Bikini Collection | 

Honoring impressive women such as: Merle Liivand aka “The EcoMermaid” from Estonia who has achieved 5 Guinness World Records. The German native Sophie Ringel, founder of Clean Miami Beach. The Brazilian fashion entrepreneur from Project Runway Layana Aguilar, and Haitian born Florida House of Representative Dotie Joseph.

Left to right: Merle Liivand, Sophie Ringel, Layana Aguilar, Dotie Joseph

What you will feel at the event!

Energy and inspiration come to mind while in the presence of theses phenomenal women, plus you can never go wrong with the vibe that fashion runways exude. You’ll feel inspired that whatever journey you’re embarking on is worth it, and maybe even provide that extra push if you’re in need of one. It may take some grit, perseverance, and dedication, but it’ll pay off in the long run and these women including Tayo are here to show us that. You’ll feel a sense of powerful networking amongst women. Lastly, with the atmosphere being filled with conversation and laughter, you’ll experience happiness.

WWI Runway Show | MoLuxe Collection

WWI Runway Show | MoLuxe Collection |

WWI Runway Show | Voglia Swimwear Collection |

Final Thoughts

WWI Runway Show | I AM EIDO Collection | 

Here at Neo|Bo CREATIV Mag we love the outliers in the creative space. The creators who want to produce something different, but impactful. If this initiative resonates with you, please follow along the journey of Tayo Ishola-Aranmolate and the Wonder Woman Initiative with her behind the wall’s storytelling tactic. This event was something more than just bikinis, it was about changing the game of swim week.

It was cultural, yet with individuals from all over the world coming together to celebrate the honorees. It was insightful, as you learn motives and desires driving their endeavors. It was uplifting to know you may have rough days but it’s about your overall journey and destiny. To make the most out of every season. This event is something we want you to be aware of anytime you need that boost of inspiration.

You can follow WWI on IG @wonderwomaninitative or Tayo Ishola @tayoishola_