Victoria Jones: Weaving Confidence into Fashion

You’ve probably seen her work all over Social Media. The gowns that keep on giving! Created by Victoria Jones under her brand JTOR KOUTURE, we had the privilege of putting her work on our 57th cover. Victoria, a visionary in the fashion industry, shared her inspiring journey from battling low self-esteem to becoming a celebrated self-taught designer. Her story is not just about creating clothes but weaving confidence into the fabric of her creations, making each piece a testament to self-expression and personal growth.

Victoria Jones, The Birth of a Designer

Victoria’s entry into the world of fashion was as unexpected as it was profound. “It really came from low self-esteem,” she revealed, explaining how her search for self-confidence led her to discover her love for fashion. For Victoria, fashion isn’t just about what you wear but how you wear it. “It’s about being free,” she said, emphasizing fashion as a form of self-expression.

Victoria Jones is adjusting the gown on Lilimar Hernandez

Overcoming Challenges

Delving into her past, Victoria spoke candidly about the struggles that shaped her. Growing up as the youngest of six children, she faced immense pressure to meet expectations, which took a toll on her self-esteem. However, a turning point came through the support of a friend who saw beyond her appearance, helping her to start valuing her own opinion over others’.

Her path took a tragic turn in 2016 when her late husband was murdered. Amidst the grief, Victoria found solace in creativity. “I healed through creating,” she shared, highlighting how the process of designing became therapeutic for her.

Self-taught and proud, Victoria’s journey into fashion design began without formal education. From sewing pillows by hand as a teenager to mastering the art of design through trial and error, her journey is a testament to her resilience and creativity. Despite not attending fashion school, Victoria is a lifelong learner, constantly absorbing knowledge from more experienced designers.

Her Design Philosophy

When asked about her design process, Victoria explained that her creations stem from her imagination, aiming for simplicity with a pop. She strives for elegance and minimalism, believing that true beauty in design doesn’t require complexity.

One of her memorable pieces, a gold dress with a distinctive poof, drew comparisons to something Beyoncé might wear. Victoria admitted the comparison was unintentional but appreciated the connection, as the piece was designed to balance boldness with modesty.

 Looking to the Future

Reflecting on the evolution of fashion, Victoria observed a return to structure and elegance, qualities she believes were more pronounced in the past. She advocates for designs that are not only visually appealing but also enduring in quality and style.

Victoria’s story is a powerful reminder of how personal trials can lead to profound creativity and self-discovery. Her approach to fashion—as a journey of healing, expression, and empowerment—resonates deeply, making her designs more than just clothing; they are pieces of her story, meant to inspire confidence in those who wear them.

In a world where fashion constantly evolves, Victoria Jones stands out by grounding her work in the timeless values of self-love, resilience, and the transformative power of creativity.

We want to thank Victoria and her team for driving such a long distance to be part of this wonderful experience.

Victoria Jones poses with her the team