Past issues have proven that the growth of this magazine cannot be stopped. Time and time again we find talent that need a voice and with our platform were able to tell the world about their passion and love for the Arts. In this particular issue we explore the wonderful world of fashion through Richard Petit’s eyes. An emerging designer who left Miami to live in New York to pursue his dreams. He recently participated in the World Fashion For Peace show on September 25th and gave us a preview of the collection he showcased on the runway. After the show there were nothing but kudos coming his way and we couldn’t be prouder as we saw Richard grow into the person he is today.

On another note, we have the pleasure and privilege of brining you talent from around the world such as Tomas Calandroni an artist from Argentina, Keli Lucas a painter from New York and Jayquan Booker an Actor and Model from New York. These talents are absolutely in love with what they do and couldn’t wait to share their thoughts with you, our fabulous readers.

Last but not least, Geeks and Geekettes rejoice!! Supercon was in Miami this past July and the characters that we’ve encountered were absolutely flawless. Some of them resembling their favorite cartoon or anime to a tee. Our photographer Sean Simpson went all out and what he discovered will definitely have you relive your childhood.

It is our pleasure to give you this month a Fashion and Art issue featuring the best and the brightest of the emerging industry. My excitement could not be contained and you will surely know why by flipping through the following pages.

I would like to thank our loyal writers who continue to donate their talent to this magazine. We are forever grateful as you continue to contribute to its growth. Ladies and gentlemen I give you our 16th issue of CREATIVMAG