ISSUE # 26 – The Extraordinary Talent issue

I am stunned!!! Wow, wow, wow, have you seen what kind of talent we featured this month?! So much so that we have extended this issue to a 100 pages instead of our normal 96. There is no way I was going to leave all this talent behind. I have to say that I am amazed at the strength and courage of Nyeta Allen, a stylist from New York who never stops to create and to follow her dream despite her fighting with Cancer. I have always been an admirer of people who choose to LIVE their best life despite their shortcomings. We’ve featured Cancer survivors in the past and we are not planning to stop anytime soon. Her spread is comprised of 3 photographers who are stars within their rights, Each of these photographers are showing the fashion industry how pictures are supposed to be delivered and we couldn’t wait to showcased them to you.

Moreover, Richard Petit comes back with a new Winter collection that he plans to showcase in the next fashion week in New York and the gowns that he has created will surely leave you in awe.

We also feature a new designer by the name of Aissata Ibrahima from Ivory Coast, London. She really gives meaning to what passion is supposed to look like.

I am in awe on how much undiscovered talent there is in this world and I have to tell you that I am proud that CREATIV is able to shed light on those who deserve it most.

We never cease to thank our contributors and writers who make these issues possible. Our dear readers, Ladies and gentlemen, artists of all ages, I present to you our 26th issue. Enjoy !!!


we take pride in showcasing raw talent found right here in our community, while focusing on the arts we also open doors for small business owners by facilitating the reach of their audience by means of our competitive advertising outlets.

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