Issue #39 – The Summer Issue

Aaaah summer!! The one word that makes me think of beaches, traveling and lots of ice cream yet here we are! Though it is not recommended to travel unless it is absolutely necessary (thanks a lot Rona) but most of us are making the best of it. 2020 will go down as the most interesting year in history. However, let us put aside our woes and appreciate the fact that our dear artists have not stopped creating. I mean have you seen our cover? We consider our cover a true blessing, provided by the talented photographer Karl M. Lee. It’s swimwear season and we are going to enjoy it and pretend we were at fashion week.

On another note, we’ve had the privilege of interviewing talented filmmakers that are ready to shoot their new movie, The Sweetest Girl, which is set to be recorded in Haiti in the next few months, however due to the current circumstances the first table read will occur via zoom. Our columnist Victoria did a small video interview where we were excited to get to know them a little better and can’t wait to see the final cut of the movie when it releases.

Moreover, creativity was at an all-time high this month, experiencing this issue would probably be close to virtually going to an art show. One of the editorials we received dubbed “Dancer MMXX“ is absolutely mesmerizing. You will surely enjoy the uniqueness, heart and effort that transpires through the following pages.

As always we thank all of our contributors and writers who made this issue possible and I can’t wait to see what the 40th issue will look like. I’m getting emotional already.

We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and once again we can’t wait to see you in person once this is all over.

We hope you enjoy our 39th issue.