Issue #42 – The Art of Movement Issue

Life is unpredictable isn’t it?! One minute you’re planning and making moves, living your best life and the next you’re stuck at home because this action alone can potentially save your life. Well 2020 was a bust but we made it through regardless. If you still have your health and at least a roof over your head, thank the Heavens because not everyone were as blessed as you are during this trial year. However, 2021 started to be a promising year, we s

tarted with a new U.S. president, giving us a new outlook on the fate of our country, no natural disasters so far but still dealing with the ones from last year and as far as I know no major celebrity death…yet! On a brighter note, this month, we had the opportunity and the privilege of witnessing the beautiful dance showcase orchestrated by DANCE NOW MIAMI. Starting this year on a hopeful note, we are releasing 2 issues in January. Our sp

ecial issue #9 came out recently highlighting the 10th anniversary of Mimi’s BoutiQ Fashion Show happening on February 7th., and our 42nd standard issue and the fist of 2021. Moreover, we covered quite a few new and brilliant artists that we think deserved all the accolade for their talent. This discovery was simply a delight, it is our pleasure to feature artists from all over the world and especially painter and sculptor Mario Loprete from Italy. Gretchen Andrew was also a special one as she makes her way to the top as a conceptual and visual artist. Again, this year certainly looks promising. As always we are beyond grateful for our writers and contributors who never stop giving to our platform. We are honored and certainly delighted to bring you our 42nd issue. Enjoy!