Dance Now Miami’s Dance performance was exquisite

Not many performances can capture the history and the sentiment of a people. “This Moment, Here” orchestrated by Hannah Baumgarten & Diego Salterini of Dance Now Miami put on the performance of the year. Capture the very essence of what 2020 was all about, they retraced important moments during that year that changed history.

Edited: In order for this work of art to come full circle  there wouldn’t be a performance without the music. Music was composed by: Federico Bonacossa to know about about the composer visit

Not only were the dancers extremely skilled at delineating the message behind behind every movement but also the beauty exuding behind each piece made it that much more special.

DanceNOWMiami Performers

Dancers pretending to type through a computer


Certain moments made an impact such as “Long Distance Love” where the interpretation depicted most of us resulting in communicating via online video software. Some of us built relationships while others were struggling to keep theirs alive.

There were 8 scenes but my  favorite had to be “Breath”, where the interpreted dance was done during the spoken words of Ruth K. Royal. A piece about the death of George Floyd and the injustices inflicted on the black community in the United States. It had to take a pandemic for the world to come to a complete halt and pay attention.

Granted pictures can’t tell the real story but I believe that you will not be disappointed once you see the actual performance once it becomes available again to the public. We were delighted to have been present in the audience and can’t wait to share with you any of their future endeavors.

Meanwhile we had had the pleasure of interviewing the founders of this prestigious dance organization Hannah and Diego that you can read on our blog as well. Stay tuned for our 42nd issue as we reveal more exclusive pictures  of the event.



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