This is America…

“This is America….

Police be tripping now … Guns in my area … I got the strap … I gotta carry ‘em”

The Caucasity of it all!. I’m sure that popped up in many a black thoughts as we watched in disgust as these Neanderthals stomped and beat their chests on the U.S. Capitol Hill.

Regretful conceptions sprinted through my mind as I watched the chaos from the comfort of my desk, but there is one that continues to pop in and out as the days move forward; “They let them do this!” White American citizens marched their “oppressed” bottoms to the land of lawmakers to do the bidding for their cultic leader President Trump. It was as if we were viewing an historic scene from the 1800s but alas, we are in the first few days of 2021.  Folks have recalled, “If this were brown or black people….”, there is no need for me to finish the sentence beloved because we are all aware.

I believe that’s the part that hurts my heart the most. Brothers, Sisters, and allies marched during Summer 2020 for the lives of black individuals who are now with our ancestors for simply being. Not one of those innocent souls committed a crime or performed a siege on a federal building. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and Treyvon Martin were going about their day as black individuals in America until the police decided of their judgment day. It’s disgusting. We watched as federal officers willfully allowed thugs to enter the U.S. Capitol risking the lives of government officials inside and the democracy of this damn country. Where was the security or the aggressive tactics placed on black lives protesting just the same as the Trump Supporters? Where was it? Billions of our tax dollars are used to protect that exact location that was breached by an entitled angry mob. Help me, I need this to make sense quickly!

As Ms. Brittany Packnett Cunningham stated on MSNBC “This is a literal example of white supremacy… they believe they are supreme…” She could not have said it any better on a live broadcasted platform. Trump supporters in fact believe they oversee the ins and outs of this country, like fools. Who do you think you are? After the events of the day passed on, I realized this is an everyday struggle for Black Americans. Unfortunately, we are so conditioned to it all that we have learned to prosper within it. White people are privileged whether they want to acknowledge it or not, it’s the truth. Some may not feel supreme with their privilege, but it is undeniable that many have used it to their advantage to get ahead in this world. As the allies watched the crazies storm D.C., many were disgusted but what can be done about this? Those are your aunts, uncles, memaws and paws showcasing the behaviors of a deranged dictator and his followers. The few white people I do know have all admitted, “Oh yeah my Aunt Karen and Uncle Chad are huge Trump supporters” then sit down together at a Sunday dinner at Cracker Barrel. “Y’all are different and I could never…” It’s going to take those exact people to incite change by putting whoever opposes democracy in their place with a single phrase: “Stand back and shut up.”

The true issue here will never be recognized as much as it will be plastered on TV screens across America and lands beyond. A new sun will rise to a land still divided and catering to the minority of this country as if they have done all the groundwork for this place to be called America.

– An opinion piece by Victoria McCoy


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