An unexpected outcome – Brass knuckles wins best short film of the year

Photography by Sean Simpson


We had the privilege of covering the Film Red Carpet Awards featuring many short film makers of all backgrounds. An organization that highlights talent in the film industry, recognizing their hard work and the performance of their cast. That night Brass Knuckles took the award for best short film for 2019. A well deserved title as the actors and crew left an indelible impression on the audience.


Teen bullying, is no small matter and with such a strong message they were able to create awareness by starting a discussion around the topic through their film.

Knowing someone’s personality is not enough to say whether or not they are good at what they do. We would like to point out that Celine has been featured in our magazine before she is definitely no stranger to CREATIV as a model, however she completely blew us away in her performance in the short film Brass Knuckles. You see, talented people never excel in just one artistic field. They expand their portfolio by working in neighboring categories. The cast and crew of this short film definitely have paid their dues and worked tirelessly on their craft and it shows. We would like to congratulate them on their win and may there be success throughout their continued journey.

A brief look at the movie:

Franco and Gitano are brothers, but they are not cut from the same cloth. One is a left leaning liberal blow hard and the other is a vain, tough guy douche bag but they both love Franco’s misfit daughter Maria. When Maria comes home with a black-eye tho it sets off a series of events that will challenge the way this family views what it means to stand up for yourself. Produced by #Scores / #EasyFilms

Producers Ciro Dapagio, Jokes Yanes, Antoni Corone & Jeff Howlett
Director Jorge Jokes Yanes & Antoni Corone
DP Jacob Rivera
Written by Antoni Corone & Jokes Yanes
Starring Ciro Dapagio, Antoni Corone, Celine Alva, Sharon Pfeiffer


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