Delphine Dauphin Kid-trepreneur

I can’t say that I am surprised. Entrepreneurial endeavors are no lo longer for just adults. Children right now are also emerging in this world of business and this young little girl is no different. Delphine Dauphin is no different, for quite some time Delphine loved to bake, because of this passion she has decided to create her own company called Joy’s Yummy Cupcakes, did we mention that she’s only 7?!

DEL6-1On Sunday August 6th she launched her brand new book entitled I AM A KID-TREPRENEUR,  a book in which she teaches other children her age how to be a successful business owner even at a young age. “I feel excited because now people have ideas if they want to start their own business and they don’t know what to do they can read this book, I’ve already made money with the book and it’s already in stores and I can’t wait to see what’s next, I might get to go to a fair where the former vice president might be so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.” She stated.

Little did she know that she got accepted and will be participating in the next Miami Book Fair where former Vice President Joe Biden will be in town for his American Promise Tour, during which he’ll talk about his memoir “Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose”.

DEL7-1Surrounded by family and friends she reads a passage from her book where she encourages children on coming up with their own ideas and to be passionate about what they create.  Guided by her mother Nephtalie Hyacinthe she has already planted her book at Barnes and Nobles and already participated in one of Miami’s Book Fairs. We are truly proud of Delphine as it is rare for children, especially of Haitian descent, to have such drive and talent to pursue what they really love. We can only continue to support her in her endeavors as she continues to journey towards her success.



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