JoÏ Eatery restaurant expands in Miami

CEO Thomas Bernavil of the JoÏ Eatery restaurant, expands his West Palm Beach location to join Kitchen Labs in Miami

he Haitian in Preparation, American in Presentation restaurant is bringing an ever-lasting blend of cultures to Miami.  

Griot Bowl    


Grand Opening Date12/17/22

Time: 7pm-10pm

Location:  Kitchen Labs/ JoÏ Eatery  31 NW 9th St Miami, FL 33136

With many Miami restaurants having to close their doors in 2022 according to TimeOut Magazine. JoÏ Eatery is bringing a culinary blend of Haitian and American food to the city. JoÏ represents the name of the CEO’s daughter and French word joy. This restaurant uniquely stands apart priding itself in concocting wet seasonings like ‘epis’ created by Thomas’s wife Pharah Bernavil. This flavorsome seasoning complements all their dishes along with their meats that are seasoned overnight, its warranted to satisfy your taste buds. Striving to always give their customers something different at both locations. They have weekly brunches and monthly dinners that collaborate with different chefs & cuisines. On their menu, you’ll see such things as the Griot Bowl or the JoÏ Vibe Burger. JoÏ Eatery has attracted the likes from influencer Giselle Chusan (@explorewithgg) bringing crowds from all over Florida. The thriving West Palm Beach location has been open for 12 months, and upon receiving an invitation from the Kitchen Lab owners. JoÏ eatery is a perfect fit for their new millennial ghost kitchen experience.

JoÏ Vibe Burger

To learn more about JoÏ Eatery’s backstory visit the article from Voyage MIA: HERE


You know now that I think about it. Everywhere I’ve lived I was surrounded by food and restaurants,” said Thomas “it was a sign all along.”

About the Owner:  Thomas Bernavil has experienced food from all over the world. Originating from Haiti, he traveled to America at the age of 18 to finish up high school. After high school, deciding to join the Marines he was sent to the beautiful state of Hawaii. There he served a 4-year term; plus 2 years to finish up college. Graduating from business school he landed a marketing director position in Singapore allowing him to travel all over Southeast Asia. He then went on to do a short stint in hell’s kitchen, NYC to finally settling in sunny West Palm Beach. From there things started falling into place with family dinners and God that led to JoÏ Eatery.