Happy Haitian Flag Day From Papillon Dezigns

“I hope I made you proudCatherine Flon.”

-Papillon Dezign 

Catherine Flon, the goddaughter of Jean Jacques Dessalines sowed the first Haitian flag on May 18, 1803, on the last day of the Congress of Arcahaie. Our flag is more than just beautiful, it holds a lot of symbolism.

To create this masterpiece, Dessalines ripped the White part of the French flag, metaphorically freeing us from the cruel oppression of the White colonizers, and Catherine sowed the Blue and Red as a symbol of unity amongst Black and Mulatto who united against their oppressors.

After Catherine Flon had sown the bicolor, the Generals of the Haitian Revolution at the congress swore a solemn oath of fealty to Liberty or Death on this flag which was to lead the slaves to victory and freedom. This oath was named the Oath of the Ancestors. She is featured on the 10 gourdes bill proudly sowing our flag.

On this HaitianFlagDay, we honor Catherine Flon and her revolutionary contribution by designing the symbol of our pride, The Haitian Flag! 

Photogapher: Mike Walker
Photogapher Asst: Chris Jones
Model: Oliva Nicole 
Special thanks to: Westhaven Management  
Thank you Papillon Dezigns for sharing your art with us!