Karine Melissa and her team launches L.O.U.D. Week with a bang!

Swim week was a non-stop festival of art, colors, models, swimwear and lots of fun in the Miami limelight. It can also be completely industrialized that we may forget that other organizations also showcase local  designers during this event highlighting their talent with the hopes of getting a return on their investments. However, one show in particular made an impact in the community (no no, not because we sponsored!!) highlighting local designers and artists all while launching their brand called Love of Urban Design dubbed L.O.U.D. founded by Karine Melissa. You may remember her from Fashion Designers Expo which was the 3rd largest fashion show in South Florida.  Team LOUD defines an “Urban Creative” as one who identifies with the cultural and artistic manifestations of the brown and black communities to promote collective intellectual achievement in design.


Needless to say that we were so happy to have been part of the launch of LOUD Week. Designers such as CruciFit, Simonė Swim, Creami Swim, Kaviar Swim and Khaliah Clark graced the platform with their beautiful designs. The room was surrounded by beautiful art and wonderful creative vendors who make that afternoon that much more special.

Unbeknownst to many,  Karine has been a staple in her community for more than a decade. She’s become this pebble thrown in the middle of a pond where the ripples represent the many lives she has touched over the years. For being this household name, she received that day a proclamation from the former Vice Mayor of the City of Miami Gardens Lisa Davis that day and we couldn’t be prouder. She has put a wonderful team that stuck together over the years delivering nothing but spectacular shows in the most sought after locations.

Artistical Presentation by visual artist Kimlayn

An afternoon of talent and fun, what more could you ask for? After the show guests could enjoy a round of golf and delicious food.

With this said we would like to congratulate Karine and her crew on the launch of LOUD. A place where designers and artists can feel at home. We wish them success and are looking forward to this long lasting journey.

Photography Credit  @emackeycreates and @financephotog

Here are some of the highlights that you may have missed:

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