A day in the life of Sensory Delights

We had the privilege to get to know the team of Sensory Delights ton a personal level. It is always great to see men and women doing what they are most passionate about in their lives. The following is a conversation that would shine the light on what culinary enthusiast do on a daily basis.

Please tell us a little bit about Sensory Delights:
we offer high quality culinary services to our clients which include delicious and nutritious meals . A catering service based out of South Florida which ranges from Key West to West Palm Beach we provide services such as wedding baby showers wedding showers private parties corporate events.

Who are the members of your team?
Just wanted to introduce the rest of the team starting by Neima Belancourt who is the co-owner also the culinary and beverage director we have chef Miriam Charles owner of divine Cakery specialty cake shop and we also have Karina Petit Frere she is our marketing and sales director


IT IMG_4632(2)How did you come up with the concept of sensory delights?
we met at gouts et saveur lakay in 2012 we decided to bring our common interest of food and beautiful events Alain is the food part and I’m the beautiful part (laugh) we decided to bring our forces together and create the concept of sensory delights catering. We have expanded tremendously and our team is growing every day.

Our business grows from referrals which is mostly what we look for in the catering business that means our clients love our foodand your service

Have you ever cooked for any celebrities?
Absolutely we had the privilege to cook for the President of Haiti, for the Prime Minister of Haiti for the Consulate General of Haiti in Miami and for President Obama during one of the fundraisers that he was doing in Miami.

Chef Neima also took a moment to show us how to properly open a champagne bottle:


There wouldn’t be any full catering service without desert that’s where Chef Myriam comes in, she explains below what drives her in her passion.

After a session of great conversation and cooking the final product was just delicious:

IT IMG_4643